How polluted is our fresh water?

Number of contaminants EPA regulates.

Homes in Flint affected by Lead contamination.

Annual growth of nitrates in drinking water.

Our Mission

We are connecting fresh water to internet.
So you know water contaminant levels in real time.

Tracking Water Contaminants

Industries where water is a critical product or process component need to know water contaminant levels in real time. So you can act quickly to reduce financial and health risks.

We are connecting a new class of internet-ready sensors with our cloud analytics. So you can understand and predict contaminant levels.

  • Food and Beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Corporations
  • Semiconductors
  • Energy
  • Schools and Government


Economic activities add more contaminants

As economic activities accelerate around the world, people move to urban areas and their energy and resource consumption goes up. Higher living standards come with many environmental costs, including fresh water contamination, which is compounded by climate changes.

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EPA's Next Generation Compliance

EPA's Next Generation Compliance initiative is a comprehensive overhaul of EPA's pollution monitoring and reporting requirements. Applicable to both air and water, it is designed with real-time wireless sensors and real-time cloud-based reporting in mind.

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